Finding the Best Diesel Pushers

Are you looking for an affordable RV that offers incomparable luxury and comfort? If so, you should look at some of the used diesel pushers that are available. Once you know which model you want and where to buy it from, you can look forward to owning your own diesel pusher. These RVs house the engine in the rear (as opposed to the front), which results in the motorhome being pushed, rather than pulled. As a result, riding in one of these pushers will be more comfortable and there is more room in the front. However, there are so many being sold it can be difficult to try and make up your mind when deciding which one is right for you. There are many things to review before settling on a particular RV. Unlike some of the other RV owners on the road, those who buy diesel pushers usually don't want to settle for anything less than the best. If you want the ultimate RV experience, be sure to research your options thoroughly.

Perks of a Pusher

First of all, diesel pushers are very luxurious. While they can be pricier than other RVs, they offer incomparable extravagance that is sure to impress. In addition to luxury, owners enjoy a smoother ride and plenty of excellent features (showers, a lot of room for sleeping, electronics, etc.). These RVs typically run longer than gas-powered RVs and can be much more comfortable, as any proud owner of a high-quality diesel pusher will attest. Additionally, they tend to have a higher resale value and offer better fuel efficiency. If you don't want to frequent the gas station as often, you will definitely appreciate diesel.


Diesel pushers are more expensive than some of the other RVs on the market. If cost is a concern, you can compare the different models or even find used diesel pushers for sale. As with buying any RV, if you discuss your financing options with a dealer, make sure they accommodate your budget. However, don't let the higher cost scare you away. Quite often, you get what you pay for, so if you want a superior experience the price tag is worth it. There are plenty of reliable, classy used models for sale that will exceed your expectations. If you aren't too worried about cost, you have to move on to other considerations.


Although larger models offer more space (which is undoubtedly nice), they can be more difficult to manage while driving. Also, a bigger diesel pusher will be more costly at the pump, so if you are worried about how much a gallon of diesel goes for, smaller models don't burn as much fuel. Sure, when you are parked, almost everyone will prefer the largest model they can buy. At the same time, think about long drives in a huge rig. If you want to have an easier time managing your RV on the road, or don't think you need as much space for your excursions, a smaller model might be a smart decision.

Popular Models

If you are looking at the different diesel models for sale, there are plenty of options. They have different styles, price tags, available features, and much more. Although there are plenty of models to choose from, here are some popular, cutting edge pushers to take a look at:

  • 2014 Monaco Dynasty. Not only does this RV come with two 44 foot floor plans, it includes a full-wall slide, exquisite furniture, and one and a half baths. Giving you plenty of space and storage room, a well-designed chassis that provides an extremely comfortable ride, and a fuel system that maximizes fuel efficiency, this diesel pusher is truly amazing.
  • 2014 Prevost Diesel Pusher. If you are looking for impressive craftsmanship and the ultimate driving experience, look no further. This bath and a half, 45 foot pusher comes with plenty of features, such as air horns mounted on the roof, cameras mounted on the sides and back, a grill that slides out, and plenty of entertainment, just to name a few. If you check out one of these RVs, you will definitely be impressed with what you see.
  • 2014 Newmar Essex. Newmar is known for excellence, and they deliver once again with this fabulous motor coach. With 500HP, you can rest assured this RV has plenty of power. LED lighting, a top-notch entertainment system, and a kitchen that comes with high-quality appliances gives owners what they want and makes this RV truly feel like home. All you have to do is take a look inside and you will see just how captivating this model is.

Where to Shop

As if it isn't difficult enough trying to decide which model is right for you, you also have to make sure you do business with a top-notch seller. Unfortunately, some people don't spend enough time evaluating their options before sealing the deal, which can be an expensive mistake. However, there is an abundance of information available online, so take advantage of all these resources. Not only can you compare the different models thoroughly, but you can review a business before buying a diesel pusher. Important things to look for include plenty of experience, an outstanding reputation, and positive customer feedback. If they don't have any customer reviews on their website, try to find customer feedback online and see what their customers have to say. When you find a first-rate dealership that always strives to ensure customer satisfaction and wants to make the process of buying an RV easier, you are much more likely to be pleased with your purchase.

Start Today

Do the numerous advantages that diesel pushers offer sound appealing? If so, don't push off buying one any longer. Whether you currently own one and are interested in upgrading to a more luxurious model, or want to experience everything a diesel pusher has to offer for the first time, you are sure to enjoy the ride once you start driving. The differences between a less glamorous RV and brand new diesel pushers are astonishing. Also, if you want to find a less expensive motor coach, there are a lot of used diesel pushers for sale that are still exceptional. Once you have made up your mind and identified the model that is right for you, taking everything from cost to size into consideration, you need to start shopping around for unbeatable deals and quality service. Contact a knowledgeable specialist today and you can start looking forward to owning an exceptional diesel pusher.

Consider a Used Diesel Pusher

There are some unbeatable prices on used diesel pushers for sale, offering all the quality you expect out of a top-notch RV, but with a more reasonable price that won't break the bank. If you look into used diesel pushers for sale by owner, you can find some impressive deals. Although RV dealerships have a lot of used diesel pushers, there are benefits to buying directly from the owner.

In addition to thinking about your budget, other considerations include the size and available features you are interested in. Although many people dream of an impressive, large RV, they might change their mind once they take it on the road. Not only will it cost more to fuel, but it can be much more difficult to manage while driving. If you are taking long trips, don't want to pay as much at the pump, and want to have an easier time behind the wheel, you might want to look at smaller diesel pushers. As with buying any used vehicle, there are a lot of factors that you have to focus on. Not only do you have to look at what type of terrain the RV can handle, but the condition it is in. How much mileage does the diesel pusher have? Is the RV in good condition? Does the owner know of any problems, or any potential complications that could arise? On top of all that, there can be unknown problems any time you buy a used vehicle. Before sealing the deal, try to evaluate a motorhome as thoroughly as possible, since this can save a significant amount of time and money later on.

Benefits of a Diesel Pusher

If you are looking for an RV but haven't decided whether or not a diesel pusher is right for you, consider how beneficial these motorhomes are. Although they cost more than some of the other models on the market, it is worth paying for exceptional quality and impressive performance. When you take one of these RVs out for a run, you will enjoy a more comfortable, smoother ride. Also, they are more durable than other motorhomes, often outliving a puller for over 100,000 miles. Because the engine is located in the rear and the driver's area doesn't have to accommodate the engine, this results in more space up front, which makes driving and riding in the RV far more comfortable. Basically, if you are looking for comfort, luxury, and durability, and are willing to pay a little more for it, you should really consider a diesel pusher. Fortunately, if you are concerned about how much they cost, you can find some amazing deals when looking at used diesel pushers.

Excellent Models

As you can imagine, there are a lot of diesel pushers on the market, so it can seem difficult to decide which one is ideal for you. Not only do you have to look at how much it costs, but the condition and other details of the RV as well. Plus, you have to think about what you will be using the RV for and the cargo carrying capacity you need. Depending on where you will be driving, certain models will be more suitable. Ultimately, personal preference plays an important role as there are so many models available. Here are just a few excellent used diesel pushers that can be found:

  • 2005 Travel Supreme. While this RV might cost a little more than some of the other diesel pushers that are being sold, it is worth it. You have to check one of these out yourself to see just how stunning the interior is, defining both comfort and extravagance. A 400HP engine powers this 40 foot model and it comes with plenty of features, from a home theater system to leather seats, and so much more.
  • 1998 Newmar Kountry Star 38. If you want an incredibly low price, you could very well find it with one of these pushers. However, the quality is not compromised, as you will see when you take a walk through one for yourself. With a luxurious interior that includes a walk through bath, an impressive kitchen, and a nice patio awning, this pusher is outstanding.
  • 2001 Holiday Rambler Endeavor. This 40 foot, 330HP motorhome comes with two slide outs, comfortably sleeps four, and has five awnings. With exceptional entertainment amenities, incredible split bathroom features, and a bedroom that makes you feel at home, your RV experience will go to a whole new level in this diesel pusher.

Where to Buy From?

There are a lot of places to buy a used diesel pusher. However, you should look into diesel pushers for sale by owner. When you buy directly from the owner, you will not only be able to discuss their experiences with the RV, but find some great deals as well. Although dealerships have an abundance of used diesel pushers for sale, you should take advantage of the online resources and browse listings to look for the perfect diesel pusher. Buying used diesel pushers for sale by owner is a smart way to save money and find a reliable RV that you can count on.

Get Started

If you want to own a diesel pusher, don't wait any longer to start looking. When you put more time into comparing your choices and finding the right RV, you are more likely to end up with a perfect diesel pusher that will be appreciated and enjoyed for many years to come. There are a lot of used diesel pushers for sale, so get started today.

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